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Tsugaru City Nebuta Festival
Held at the end of July, the Tsugaru City Nebuta Festival is very similar to the Aomori City Nebuta Festival.  Although the floats are smaller in size, there is no limit to the spirit and energy that go into producing and parading them.  The festival is usually held at the end of July.

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Cheseborough Cup Swim Relay Race
First held in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the rescue attempt of the merchant ship Cheseborough, the goal of the Cheseborough Cup is to swim the entire 6300 mile distance between Tsugaru and its sister city Bath, Maine, USA.  Teams from around the world compete in one of five classes: Open, Half-Open, Senior, Ladies, and Junior.  The event is held on the first Sunday of August every year.

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Uma-Ichi Festival
Derived from a festival originally held in Kizukuri to honor horses used for farming, Uma-ichi is now highlighted by a parade of Nebuta-style horses, a singing competition, and a fire festival.  Uma-ichi is held yearly towards the end of August.


Tsugaru City Fireworks Display
Held in conjunction with the Welcome Party of the Cheseborough Cup, the annual Tsugaru City Fireworks Display is held the first Saturday in August.



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